(1977  --  Living)



Michelle riggs


Michelle was born in 1977 in xxxxxx, xx.


Michelle’s father was Brannick Lester Riggs, born in 1941 in XXXX County, XXXX.

Michelle’s mother was LaVonne Pratt, born in 1943 in XXXX, XXXX County, XXXX.

Brannick and LaVonne were married on December 18, 1964 at XXXX, XXXX County, XXXX and had five children. Michelle was their fifth child.


XXXXXX and ZZZZZ were married on XXX XX, XXXX at xxxxxxxxxxxx.

ZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ was born on XXX XX, XXXX in xxxxx, xxxxx. She died in xxxxxx, xxxxxx on XXX XX, XXXX and is buried in the Riggs Family Cemetery. (2l)

Zzzz's father was xxxxxx xxxxx, born on xx,xx, xxxx in xxxxx. He died at xxxxxxxxxx in xxxx, xxxx County, xxxx on xxx xx, xxxx and is buried in the Dos Cabezas Cemetery.

Zzzz's mother was xxxxx, born on xx,xx,xxxx in xxxxx.

Zzzz's parents were married in xxxxx on xx,xx,xxxx and had xx children. Zzzz was their xx child, xx daughter.