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In October 1879 Mr. Riggs and I and our children settled in the Sulphur Springs valley at the base of the Chiricahua Mountains.  We built a home and the beginnings of the Riggs cattle ranch were put in place.  Ours was a large family but on 2 Aug 1884 it was made complete with the arrival of Edith Bessie Riggs, our 5th daughter, the 11th and final child. There were many siblings to love and care for this sweet little girl but her time on this earth was to be short. Brannick was aged 56 and I was aged 46 when Edith Bessie was born.  

May 24 1884 Edith Riggs borned in cochise co Arizona

    Bessie died 9 August 1885.  She lived but one year and one week.  Edith Bessie was the second family member to be buried in the Riggs Family Cemetery. 

(Riggs Family Cemetery location, row 1 headstone f)

Our first grandson, her nephew, Frank Thomas Riggs preceded her in death by two weeks.

(Riggs Family Cemetery location, row 2 headstone h)