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John Casey Riggs was born 21 Sep 1874 in Las Animas County, Colorado.  He is our 5th son, 8th child.  John was only 4 years old when the family left Colorado



    After we settled in Arizona he started school at the Home Ranch School.  Upon completing what education he could at home, John also attended school at the Northern Indiana Normal school in Valparaiso, Indiana.  John and his brother, James Jay, were members of the Star Literary Society in 1893.  In 1894 J.J. Riggs was President 1st term and John C. was Vocal Chorister.  In his papers there is an invitation for a performance Saturday 11 Aug 1894.  John C. graduated the first time in 1894 and graduated in Civil Engineering.

     In 1900 John attended a business school in San Francisco.  After finishing school there in 1904 he went back to school again at Northern Indiana Normal School. This time his nephew, Charles Riggs, went with him.  John studied Law and graduated in 1906.


Arizona Range News

31 Jan 1900

J.C. Riggs returned Saturday from San Francisco, where he has been taking a course in a business college.

28 Jan 1900          John come home from School in californa

29 Jan 1900          the boyes gon up to Johns led mind

2 Feb 1900          John went to willcox for Suplyes for his mine

27 Aug 1904          John an charles Started to School this morning to valpraiso

what a empty houseit Seames to day

21 Sep 1904          Johns birthday        he is at School at Valpor

Arizona Range News

2 Sep 1904

J.C. Riggs and Charlie Riggs left for Valparaiso, Ind., Tuesday.  The former will take a two year course at the state normal of that state, making law his study.


Arizona Range News

Friday, 22 Sept 1905

John C. Riggs, of Willcox, was elected president of the 1906 Law Class, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, on Wednesday.  This is a well-deserved complement to our fellow townsman, and is not only a tribute to his popularity at the university but is also a recognition of his marked ability.  This is not the first time that Mr. Riggs' many accomplishments have been recognized at Valparaiso University; he has been prominent in the debating sections and his literary efforts are far above the average.  Willcox should be as proud of him as his university is.



Arizona Range News

Friday, 15 June 1906

J.C. Riggs who has been taking a law course at a Valparaiso, Ind., law college for the past two and a half years, returned home yesterday a full-fledged attorney.  Mr. Riggs has expressed himself as inclined to follow his profession in some good town of Cochise county and we predict for him every success, as he possesses the happy faculty of making a friend of every man he meets, is always sincerely in earnest with every task he undertakes, besides being industrious and reliable.


Bisbee Daily Review

14 June 1906

   Upon motion of Attorney Flannigan, J.C. Riggs was admitted to practice in the district court upon presenting a certificate from the Supreme Court of the State of Indiana.

State of Indiana,

County of Porter.} ss

Before me, Kate Corboy, a Notary Public, in and for said State and County aforesaid, personally appeared J.C. Riggs, known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within annexed instrument, and being duly sworn, on oath, acknowledged that he executed the same as his free act and deed for the purpose and consideration therein expressed.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my notarial seal in the said State and County, this 22nd day of April, 1905.

(Seal)                        Kate Corboy,

                                Notary Public.

My commission expires July 11, 1908

July 18 1906          John mooved to Tombstone

Arizona Range News


. . . .John C. Riggs was an attorney in the law firm of Cunningham, Ellerbe and Riggs in Tombstone.


Arizona Range News

11 Jan 1907

J.C. Riggs, the well-known Tombstone attorney, is visiting his parents at the Home ranch.  Mr. Riggs is developing into quite a politician and has noted several weak points in the primary election laws that he believes every good citizen should insist on having changed.


Arizona Range News


. . . .John C. Riggs and Chris Ellerbe were defense attorneys on a case . . . .


Arizona Range News

1 Mar 1907

Attorney D.L. Cunningham, of Cunningham, Ellerbe and Riggs of Tombstone, was here on business Saturday.  

11 May 1908          John come home        he is tax colector

12 September 1908          John come in his otombele to See us

10 Jan 1909            Tombstone Epitaph

. . . . John C. Riggs elected president of the Cochise Club, the only men’s social club in tombstone.



John Casey and Jeanette Mary Brauns Riggs



Arizona Range News

4 Mar 1910

We have just been informed that Attorney J.C.Riggs has sneaked off to Sandusky, Ohio, where it is said he will be married to a charming society belle of that place.  We hope we are not giving away any of J.C.'s secrets.

8          we just herd John was married the 3 of March

10          loocking for John an his bride to come home

14          John an his bride has come       I like her all rite

She is a good musition       they went to there home

7 March 1910        Tombstone Prospector


J.C. Riggs Joins Ranks of Benedicts While Visiting East

    Attorney John C. Riggs of this city stole a march on his friends and without giving any warning or previous announcement, has quietly joined the ranks of the benedicts.  When Mr. Riggs left here for the east it was not suspicion that he had slyly entered into an agreement with Cupid, but it appears that the compact was duly carried out to the letter, when on March 3rd, at Upper Sandusky, Ohio, he led Miss Jeanette M. Brauns to the altar, and the happy couple joined in wedlock.  Now that we think of it, the earnest John was a little persistent in knowing how to master his auto and the many things his bachelor friends observed and could not fathom, while perfecting himself in several other matters are now quite clear.  The plans of the couple are not known, but hearty congratulations are extended and a royal welcome awaits their arrival in Tombstone.


Arizona Range News

Friday, 25 June 1915


Department of the Interior, United

  States Land Office at Phoenix, Arizona

  June 4, 1915

Notice is hereby given that John C. Riggs, of Dos Cabezas, Arizona, who, on August 10, 1908, made homestead entry No. 0435, for W1/2 SW1/4, NE1/4 SW1/4, SE1/4 NW1/4, Section 25, Township 16S., Range 28E., G.&S.R.B & Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make five year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before L.V. McCourt, United States Commissioner, at Willcox, Arizona, on the 14th day of July, 1915.

Claimant names as witnesses: John W. Robinson, Virgil A. Amalong, Thomas B. Stark, Barney K. Riggs all of Dos Cabezas, Arizona

Thomas F. Weeden



Arizona Range News

21 June 1929

The John C. Riggs family returned home Tuesday from a two weeks’ vacation spent in Northern Arizona, taking in points of interest including the Grand Canyon.


Arizona Range News

18 Oct 1929

Mr. and Mrs. J.J.Burkhardt and Miss Clara Brauns of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, arrived last Friday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J.C.Riggs and family.  The ladies are sisters of Mrs. Riggs.  The trip was made overland.




    John was involved in some mining interests in the Dos Cabezas and Chiricahua Mountains.  C. B. Bosworth of Deming, New Mexico, was one person he was in partnership with.



    John served as Deputy County Attorney when the county seat was in Tombstone, Arizona.  

    John served in the Arizona State Senate in the 1930’s.  (Need more info)


Brewery Gulch Gazette

26 Aug 1932

    John Riggs of Willcox declares himself for some real economy in state affairs.  He isn’t for a little saving here and there, he is for cuts up to fifty per cent.  He is going to get down to rock bottom, if given a chance, and help put the state government on a business basis instead of political.  He believes that this is a good time to forget politics and he finds many of the voters who agree with him.



    John C. Riggs is interested in his family’s history.  Over the years of his life he compiled a book about his family and their lives and travels.



    John passed away 4 Janrary 1943.  He is buried in the Riggs Family Cemetery.

(Riggs Family Cemetery location, row 3 headstone h)