4-8-3-1-1 DENDY COX
(1961  --  Living)




dendy cox


Dendy was born in 1961 in xxxxxx, xx.


Dendy's father was Vernon Ray Cox, born in 1939 in XXXX County, XXXX.

Dendy's mother was Sandra Mary Riggs, born in 1941 in XXXX, XXXX County, XXXX.

Vernon and Sandra were married on June 25, 1960 at XXXX, XXXX County, XXXX and had two children. Dendy was their first child, first son.


XXXXXX and ZZZZZ were married on XXX XX, XXXX at xxxxxxxxxxxx.

ZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ was born on XXX XX, XXXX in xxxxx, xxxxx.

Zzzz's father was xxxxxx xxxxx, born on xx,xx, xxxx in xxxxx. He died at xxxxxxxxxx in xxxx, xxxx County, xxxx on xxx xx, xxxx and is buried in the Dos Cabezas Cemetery.

Zzzz's mother was xxxxx, born on xx,xx,xxxx in xxxxx.

Zzzz's parents were married in xxxxx on xx,xx,xxxx and had xx children. Zzzz was their xx child, xx daughter.