4-9-6-1  MINDY E. MOORE
(1956  --  Living)

     Married 06-09-1979

(1958  --  Living)



Mindy e. moore


Mindy was born in 1956 in xxxxxx, xx.


Mindy's father was Gus Lee Moore, Jr, born February 8, 1916 in XXXX County, XXXX. He died in XXXXX, XXXX County, XXXX on September 16, 1992 and is buried in the Riggs Family Cemetery (2j).

Mindy's mother was Dorothy M. Stotts, born January 27, 1921 in XXXX, XXXX County, XXXX. She died in XXXX, XXXX County, XXXX on XXXX XX, XXXX and is buried in the Riggs Family Cemetery. (2k)

Gus and Dorothy were married on August 6, 1950 at XXXX, XXXX County, XXXX and had one child, Mindy.


Mindy and James were married on June 9, 1979 at xxxxxxxxxxxx.

James Barry Scott was born in 1958 in xxxxx, xxxxx.

James’ father was xxxxxx xxxxx, born on xx,xx, xxxx in xxxxx. He died at xxxxxxxxxx in xxxx, xxxx County, xxxx on xxx xx, xxxx.

James’ mother was xxxxx, born on xx,xx,xxxx in xxxxx.

Zzzz's parents were married in xxxxx on xx,xx,xxxx and had xx children. James was their xx child, xx son.