Main entry to the Riggs Family Cemetery is on the north fence (at the top of this map). The dotted line in the middle of the cemetery denotes the original fence of the cemetery.

Each headstone is labeled with a letter and the rows are numbered. Two lists are provided below to help locate family members' headstones. One is alphabetical by family name and the second is by row number and headstone letter.

The column headed "ORDER" is the order in which the family member buried in the Riggs Family Cemetery passed away and was buried in our cemetery.


Riggs Family Cemetery alphabetical web.jpg
Riggs Family Cemetery headstone location web.jpg

These tables are incomplete and if any family member has information that can complete or correct the tables please CONTACT us, leave a message with your call back number or e-mail address and we will contact you for the additional or corrected information. Thanks for your interest and help.